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I was on the road and inevitably, when I am on tour and writing, I tend to write about not wanting to be on the road. The song is about living our lives together, yet individually. Time has passed and I'm not with Sara anymore and I feel badly knowing that when "Sara Smile" comes on in the supermarket, Sara has to run out of the store. It's about the essence of a relationship, and at the end of the day: And when you feel you can't go on I'll come and hold you It's you and me forever The song became the third single from our first album on RCA, "Daryl Hall & John Oates" in 1975. Our first two singles weren't terribly successful so this was our first bona fide hit. Songs remain but relationships change."Sara Smile"Baby hair with a woman's eyes I can feel you watching in the night All alone with me andwe're waiting for the sunlight. If the celebrity makes the headlines and is in the spotlight often, you can guarantee that the media will sooner or later find out all the dirt.However, since Daryl Hall is no longer in the spotlight and leads a fairly quiet life now, it is much harder to gather current gossip and information.Getting back to Sarah's rise to fame, after high school she applied to the acting program at the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal.

I had a long relationship with Sara Allen and her family. At the time I wrote this, we were living in a small apartment in New York City. Creativity Coach Sherrie says: I don't know, but I'll bet Sarah stays and smiles and sings along.but most fans refer to it as the Silver Album because the back of the jacket cover was silver.This album contained the song “Sara Smile”, which Hall wrote in honor of his girlfriend Sara Allen.WITWER: I think the scenes that have some comedic value are the ones that are the most fun to do for me.Sara Allen is an American songwriter best known for her work with the duo Hall & Oates.

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When you feel cold I'll warm you And when you feel you can't go on I'll come and hold you It's you and me forever.

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