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A flute player told me that it was because she had to sit still in the orchestra and could not physically uncoil her nerves by rushing around onstage.An actor said that it was because he had to be so emotionally naked in order to inhabit his character.Twin Cities Arts Reader by Basil Considine - September 7, 2016 Someone should send the Schubert Club the memo: Classical music is supposed to be dead.While detractors bemoan music graduates’ job prospects (which are actually better than average) and “put down that violin” campaigns backfire, ticket sales are booming at the Schubert Club.Renee Fleming first started giving professional performances in small concerts, with small opera companies during the time she was getting her graduate degree from Julliard.She frequently sang in the concert series known as Musica Viva that was sponsored by NYC’s Unitarian Church for All Souls in the Eighties.Warning: Finding a single Schubert Club subscriber who doesn’t have a date lined up for this performance may be difficult.

The daughter of high school music teachers and raised by a classic stage-mother, a professional singer herself, Renee was musically trained from childhood.An oboe player said that the problem lay with the unpredictable caprice of the instrument's double reed.A horn player said it was because the horn is so loud that there is no hiding in the ensemble.In one magical week in 1988, her fortunes rose with winning both the Metropolitan Opera National Council auditions and the George London Prize.Judges were astounded at the shimmering, abundant radiance of her voice and she was suddenly in demand.

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From 1983 to 1987, she attended Juilliard where she studied with Beverly Johnson.

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