Updating include file in asp to

The thing to remember is that there are web sites and web applications as far as Visual Studio and ASPNET is considered.

Web Sites typically have all of the aspx and vb files published to the live server and ASPNET Worker Process recompiles the app every time before presentation.

On the other end is the web application, where all of your code behind files get compiled down to a single DLL file and you simply deploy your aspx pages and you bin folder with the DLL file to production.

We've also tried adding and extensions with Cache Until Change which made no difference.Thanks Simon Hello accyboy1981, You mean you want to redirect to the If I didn't mistake your meaning, you can do it with the following methods before the search view is returned. Form to get the 3 value and judging whether the parameters are not null.Now on the home page a have a form thats links to the route and which contains three drop down list that link to the three values passed.When the form is submitted it links to the controller and returns the correct view and data however the url is and I would like the url to read is there anyway I can update the url as well?

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