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Our approach, which ties geochronology to detailed geochemical, petrological and microstructural investigations, identifies 47–48 Ma as the age of HP formation of syn-D mica along the studied transect and in the Monte Rosa area.*Prices in US$ apply to orders placed in the Americas only.The high explanation yielded reveals the causal link between both data sets.The potential of combining both methods in a ‘’multiproxy approach’ is discussed alongside possible future improvements.Terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide dating delivers absolute ages needed as fixed points for Schmidt hammer age-calibration curves.

The spatial pattern of Eocene K–Ar ages demonstrates that Si-rich HP white mica records the age of crystallization at 47–48 Ma and retains Ar at temperatures of around 500°C.One thing led to another, and the two went on a date and they've been in a relationship ever since.Paulson told the that they've been an item for a little more than a year.Numerous Schmidt hammer tests enable a multi-ridged lateral moraine system to be related to three late-Holocene ‘Little Ice Age’-type events.On the basis of cosmogenic 10Be ages, those events are dated to c. Linear age-calibration curves are constructed in order to relate Schmidt hammer R-values to cosmogenic 10Be ages.

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This was produced as well as directed by Stefan Marc and he did a very capable job.

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