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Pearl appeared in a number of roles there during the 1950s, including Principal Boy in the Christmas pantomime ‘Humpty Dumpty’, which played from Boxing Day through January in 1952-- 55.Living in Marylebone, Pearl particularly remembers getting the 159 bus to just outside the stage door at the Streatham Hill Theatre, ready for rehearsals or the show.Graduates live in London in pretty much the same areas that young professionals do as above.10 other areas that you might find either young professionals or graduates in include Forest Hill, Muswell Hill, Greenwich, Putney, Shoreditch, Highbury, Kennington, Battersea, Wandsworth and Docklands (for instance Limehouse).

10 areas that you can find plenty of young professionals in, include Clapham, Islington, Stoke Newington, East Dulwich, Crystal Palace, Bow, Balham, Camden, Ealing and Crouch End.If you had to pick, you might say that the non-coners, believing as they do in a world without borders, are probably the ones with the broadest vision. I must admit that when we first came home to find a cone in the nearest space to our house my reaction was more pragmatic.But then again, is it vision or is it hopeless idealism? ‘Put the Virgin Mary out there tomorrow morning and be done with it,’ I told the builder b, pointing to the large white statue of the Madonna he rescued from a skip outside a church in south London after some godless renovator threw it out.“No point buying a thicker coat now, winter’ll soon be over,” she’d said. As I write this, the sky outside my window is sloughing its first spring snow. The pub was a mini Orkney, not a lady in sight, only rugged men with frost-nibbled beards hugging pints and staring at us as if we were quarry shipped in from the Far East to replace local female stock escaped to parts less chilly and depressing, like Kingston.I ordered two rum and cokes (normal, not spiced – we’re not complete Jezebels), and asked myself the question every speed dater sporting two X chromosomes must: why were we bothering to pay fifteen smackers to meet men when there were so many free ones lying about? Rhi had been out the night before, and could barely stop her eyes from shutting; if I still smoked, I would’ve propped them open with matchsticks.

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