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Add to that the fact that Iggy is a tremendous butt obsessed whore and there is little doubt that the sex tape video below is authentic.Of course what is surprising about this video is not that Iggy Azalea has a sex tape, as she has been fighting legal battles with her ex-boyfriend and former manager over its release, but rather that the guy she is with in the video is white.Young strapping nurses, this Tied document first round of Ichioni. He has hidden himself, but I shall find him and I will slay him.But her core argument is that she may have been less than eighteen when the video was shot.’ The sex tape allegedly has Iggy – now 24, and her ex performing the act.Her legal team went a step further and told TMZ that any other sex tape that appears would be the vengeful nature of a ‘spurned business suitor’.No doubt as more sex tapes from Iggy’s past make there way online we will see a progression of Iggy’s lovers becoming darker and darker, and be able to see her lady hole get stretched wider and wider.

Only Teen Clips brings you young porn videos, teens sex movies and young teen clips.This according to the legal team is her ex-boyfriend who is out to do everything possible to tarnish her name including her career.A ‘good’ strategy it is; judging from what the leaked Kim Kardashian’s sex tape did to her career. Iggy has a perfect round ass – do you think Nick Young fucked her doggystyle in the leaked video? Rapper Iggy Azalea appears to have had the first of a series of sex tape videos from her younger days leaked to the Web.As you can see in the photo above comparing a screen shot from this sex tape with an Iggy Azalea picture, the tattoo “Trust your Struggle” on the outside of the forearm is a match.

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