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One is that we'll spread so much love and empower so many voices through the site, that we'll be able to educate people to fuel a more tolerant society - one that does not discriminate so easily, one which calls out hatred and champions kindness.There are many reasons why people end up sleeping rough - from mental health issues to family break-ups and drug addiction.Stanislaw Baranczak D Sam Adams Tadeusz Borowski This Way for the Gas Ladies and Gentlemen"A collection of short stories about his time in Auschwitz" - Chris Morrison"One of the classics of Holocaust literature" - Brendan"Fantastic, not only as a stunning example of Holocaust literature but as an example of humane, humanising, short fiction" - Chris Lilly Stefan Chwin Death in Danzig"It might not be a literary masterpiece [but] it is certainly a very good novel" - Diane Witold Gombrowicz Ferdydurke"A modernist classic about a 30 year-old forced to attend school and observe the horrors of school life.Kundera is a great admirer of WG; others may be reminded of Kafka or Robert Walser" - John"You cannot overemphasise the importance of Witold Gombrowicz to Polish prose.

As Victoria Beckham joins the brand-wagon, Lucy Tobin talks top tips with London’s talon queens To the pointyheads who take a break from poring over the latest GDP figures to analyse the colour of Londoners’ lips: it’s time to move on."I am from Gdansk and thus have a great sentiment for [this book] ...despite a rather terrible erotic scene, the rest of this debut novel is excellent" - Magda DHMercedes Benz"A wonderful little book.Nail polish sales are outstripping demand for lipstick for the first time in history.Spending on nail varnish shot up by almost seven per cent to hit £284 million last year, which is more than a million bottles a week.

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He will be starting with a clean slate and can carve out distinctive new policies.

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