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Setting your podcast up on i Tunes will open your show up to a much larger pool of subscribers than you might find otherwise.That said, i Tunes doesn’t actually host or distribute your podcast.You still have to manage the RSS feed and hosting of your audio/video files yourself.The only thing Apple does is occasionally check your podcast’s feed for updates and adds them to your podcast’s listing in i Tunes. In order to take your podcast from a simple media file to i Tunes, you’ll need to make sure a few things are in place.Sure, you can make updates on your blog and link off to the file, but that alone doesn’t give subscribers what they need to automatically receive the latest episodes.Creating your podcast’s feed can be done in a number of ways.Note: For the record you can get a free month at or using the coupon code sopfree you will see that even though using those codes benefits me financially, those companies don't always finish on top.Here is a print version of this article with a few more screen shots. Give me the ability to have an unlimited back catalog (unlimited storage) 3. Honorable mention: If I use your RSS feed, I need to be able to insert a redirect if I decide to leave your service. No stats, and your start cheap, but get really expensive if I get popular. Podmatic – Limited bandwidth, limited storage, and no way to leave (you hijack my feed) – You change my file, and I have to ask to leave.

If you are an expert in your field, or you have an interesting look at the world, then anyone who owns an Apple device (and many people who own Windows devices) can go to i Tunes and subscribe to your podcast with 1 click.

A couple of weeks ago, I offered up 8 Professional Podcast Production Tips.

If you followed those, you should have a professional-sounding show all ready for the world to hear. The process of publishing a podcast is at least as complicated as producing the episodes to begin with.

No matter how you go about it, publishing a podcast comes down to serving up relatively sizeable files for download.

And if your show is the success you hope it to be, you’re going to be serving a of files, possibly in a very short space of time.

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i Tunes is undoubtedly the most popular distribution channel for any podcast.

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