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Unfortunately, a very sleep-deprived Zaltzman is a bit off for the remainder of the show, going off on hallucinogenic asides that are weird for the sake of being weird, but without the show’s usual satirical flavor. #217: The WTF Hour: Marc Maron The planets must have aligned just right for this b-b-b-bonus-sss episode featuring Marc Maron, because Scott Aukerman files a rare one-on-one interview without a single outside interruption.The episode picks up on a segment about automated trading bots bested by Twitter hackers, and finishes strong. However, this being Marc Maron, he’s happy to interrupt Aukerman’s line of questioning on numerous occasions.He plays it straight (or as straight as a man talking about a post-apocalyptic society of semen-fueled cars can play it) and it makes for a hilarious and totally unexpected ending. Clair) and Traci Rearden (Lauren Lapkus) to “da prom.” Wain and St. [KR] Doug Loves Movies: Simon Pegg, Samm Levine, and Paul F.Clair can’t stay for the whole thing, but the always-welcome Jason Mantzoukas takes their place, joined later by the incestuous “Bachelor Brothers” (Paul Rust and Neil Campbell) to cap off an especially perverse episode. Tompkins Doug Benson brings out the big, obnoxious guns this week to take down perennial Leonard Maltin Game winner Werner Herzog (Paul F.For me two videos have summed up so much, and I do worry they exist in spaces like Facebook.Video one is the shooting of Philando Castile, a black man in St Paul, Minnesota.

The second is that the Internet allows access to groups or individuals who are either in their networks or outside of it; thus, unlocking new connections. Or of course, this: Truthfully, online dating has grown in popularity almost exponentially since it's inception in the 1990's in Internet chatrooms and on video dating services--at least in the United States.

The two have a loose conversation, not unlike an episode of WTF, about producing their respective TV shows, as well as Maron’s botched attempts at sitcom glory early in his career.

To cap it all off the two play a weirdly contemplative game of Would You Rather, with Maron as the only player. #218: The Fourth Anniversary Extravaganza: David Wain, Lauren Lapkus, Jessica St. Tompkins, Jason Mantzoukas, Paul Rust, Neil Campbell Episode #218 is an extravaganza, packed as it is with hyperactive CBB all-stars. Tompkins—in the guise of Mike The Janitor—on more than one occasion.) The chaos suits CBB, with successful tangents such an impromptu Dating Game where David Wain and Mike The Janitor compete to take Marissa Wompler (Jessica St. ” has taken), which makes it essential listening for fans.

#Blacklivesmatter but you can clearly see this isn’t the case, in a city I have visited and actually enjoyed in the past.

By David Anthony , Austin Bernhardt , Trip Cook , Noah Cruickshank , D. Ferris , Dan Fitchette , Scott Gordon , Colin Griffith , Matt Kodner , Genevieve Koski , Kevin Mc Farland , Steven Moore , Kyle Ryan , Oliver Sava , Maggie Serota , Dan Telfer , Christian Williams , and Claire Zulkey “If I worked in a firehouse, I’d be the guy that hangs back and makes the chili.” —Bill Burr, Monday Morning Podcast “If you want to get down with some sex magic in the privacy of your own home, I’m not going to judge you.” —Gillian Jacobs, WTF “She was the kind of dame they write similes about.” —Thomas Lennon, The Thrilling Adventure Hour “Every black T-shirt you’ve ever seen is actually just a very old Hypercolor T-shirt.” —Moshe Kasher, You Made It Weird The Bugle #233: Baby Got Hack When a listener signed up The Bugle for a Christian dating website last week, it was a brief and hilarious one-off, but anyone familiar with Bugle fans could see the storm approaching.

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  3. Voli: Volim dominaciju u krevetu, da budem gospodarica, a ti rob, a ponekad volim da budem ponizna i da lajem kao pas. Volim pozu 69, kad mi momak liže picu, a ja njemu pušim.