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So if this service isn’t good, what free dating service is? To be honest, I didn’t even look at the service seriously until a few months ago.If you’ve read the title of this post you already know where I’m going. Regrettably, when people would ask me about a free dating site I would recommend Plenty of Fish because it was the only one I knew of. I don’t mind that the site has been successful but I do hate when I talk to someone and they say, “Yeah, I tried online dating at Plenty of Fish. If I knew someone looking to make money on the internet, I imagine Plenty of Fish would come up in our conversation. Here’s the thing: in my opinion Plenty of Fish is a far better example of successful internet marketing than it is of online dating.

All he needed now was an irretrievably off-putting bio to truly put his subjects' dignity to the test."I wanted to make this so idiotic and unappealing that no one in their right mind would show interest in this girl," Fee says.

You and your potential dates are asked to answer several questions, and based on 1) how you answer these questions, 2) what answers you are seeking from a potential date and, 3) how important these answer are to you, Ok Cupid calculates a matching score between you and your potential date from 0 - 100%.

The theory behind this is that if you have similar attitudes to say, ethics, intellectual conversations, movies, children, health, etc., you are also likely to be a better match for each other.

Until about five or six years ago, online dating’s reputation was — well, call it colorful.

It has come a long way, but plenty of people, even enthusiastic users, still have (reasonable) concerns about the process.

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