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Give this president a bullwhip and a fedora and he's Indiana Jones.Ford is in peak fighting form as James Marshall, a former soldier with combat stripes and a short fuse when it comes to terrorists. Gary Oldman, oozing menace as a Russian dissident named Korshunov, really pushes.Posing as a Moscow journalist to gain access to "Air Force One," Korshunov and his team hijack the presidential jet in midflight. Release their leader, General Radek, from prison or they'll start killing the hostages on board, including Cabinet members, first lady Grace Marshall (Wendy Crewson) and first daughter Alice (Liesel Matthews), age 12. Instead of bailing out in the 747's escape pod, he hides in the bowels of the jet to play hero.Korshunoy mistakenly thinks that the president has made a cowardly exit "like a woman." This Russki is a serious sexist, which makes it hard when he negotiates by radio with the new person in charge.The Chicago-based, sick rich and (often eponymously) philanthropic Pritzker family are the benefactors of, among other things, the exceedingly prestigious Pritzker Architeture Prize, awarded each year to a single living architect who exhibits extraordinary and rare talent, innovation and vision.

Lisa played the aggressive teen Lydia in Mrs Doubtfire, but she gave up acting when she was 22 and is now a writer, traveller, wife and mother.Charlie, who played Peter Pan’s son in Hook, gave up acting after the film and earned a degree in physics from MIT.Since then, he’s worked on missile defence and for the Environmental Protective Agency.She hit headlines again in 2005 when she filed a billion lawsuit against her father and 11 older cousins claiming they had misappropriated money from trusts established for her and her brother Matthew Pritzker.Heiress to the Hyatt Hotels chain, the actress is a member of one of America's richest families, according to Forbes magazine.

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