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Many just ignore when you tell them to keep chat short and go right on asking questions as though you never mentioned the subject. We check this page now at least 18 hours per day with 4 computers and profiles and we understand more and more how this scammer software is working.2) Having an actual communication with a woman, whether by chat, video chat, by email or phone costs $ that adds up fast. The women play only a very uninteresting part in all this.I am embarrassed to say how much I've spent there in the past few months. We also very sure that in chats and emails maybe the women know nothing that she (the profiles) also be only used, to make profit for I will travel to the Ukraine again and meet some women and also agencies from again to find out more.All this is not so easy many women not speak some word English and all need ever a translator.I've been on the site for several months now checking out many profiles and getting to know a few women and all of them do the following: 1) They never give you contact info other than through the site. It is not my interest to talk about woman that use this dating page to scam men, that is normal in every dating site and for sure can’t take the responsible for that (is only the platform to bring the product (WOMEN) into the market), this first is part of the agents that connected with and deliver the women, this people has to take care that this scammers not get entrée in this site.Even after you tell them how expensive the site is, they insist on continuing to contact you through the site. Our intension is to stop this scam himself and start one official investigatıon against this site.There is every reason to suspect the person in Russia or Eastern Europe you pay an hour to video chat is doing so for MONEY and every reason to believe /hr is much more than most make in that part of the world. When they've never met you and say they like you and want to marry you, the red lights should come on. Right after joining you get a lot of messages stating e.g.

Hence, gentlemen interested in relations with girls from these countries pay for their membership with pleasure.I am 65 and get at least 20 letters a day from women on this site, many of whom are in their 20's. I wrote to the site administrator a few years ago, and their reply actually admitted that the letters I was received matched a certain "profile" based on the information I initially provided the site.What the site did NOT say was that the letters were actually written by the women in question. Well i hadn't budgeted to spend money on minutes to talk when we could exchange info .The site is known for its extended database of beautiful ladies. Not only are we having difficulty finding the right romantic partner, but now there are so many online dating sites we’re not sure which one to use to help us find that partn Still searching for my beloved, unexpectedly having vanished, Irochka85 / Irochka #2532 from Donetsk - Makiivka, on dating websites also by her appearance, in spring 2016 I ran at Anastasia into Viktoria #1841475.

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There is a usefull website which is basicly the russian version of facebook.

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