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Authors David and Jennifer Elkington (pictured right) have been campaigning since 2009 for the codices to be recognised and protected While the codices do not contradict any of the established narrative they place greater emphasis on the physical temple, of the belief in the divine feminine and in Christ's role in protecting a lineage of Hebrews rather than being the founder of his own movement.To address the realities of climate change and the ways in which we are increasingly overrunning planetary boundaries, we must shift our mindsets, technologies, and business models away from incremental thinking.But, that said, we expect the transition from change-as-usual to breakthrough strategies to be spurred by a growing recognition that much of what has happened in Waves 1-4 was unduly incremental.If you want to learn more about famous British silversmiths then click here (an ongoing project).If you want to learn more about silver-smithing then click here.

Doing so means shifting our mindsets from linear thinking to exponential thinking; chasing technologies that will help us overcome resource constraints and create a world of abundance; and finding business models that are more social, lean, integrated, and circular.But a recent report concludes that meeting the goals in just four out of 60 sectors (food and agriculture, cities, energy and materials, and health and wellbeing) could indeed open up market opportunities worth up to trillion a year in less than 15 years. Instead, we have to admit that our planet has strict boundaries on the activities it can support, and that by exceeding these boundaries, we’re helping climate change to accelerate at an alarming pace.But to get there, we have to break out of the zone of incremental change, or “Change-as-Usual.” Incrementalism has its uses, but it is worrying to see even committed business leaders treating the goals as an incremental change agenda. There’s an urgent and intensifying need to shift toward real breakthroughs.However the main object of silver hallmarking was and is to protect the public against fraud.What follows here is a brief overview of silver hallmarks in England, Scotland, and Ireland.

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