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Your collection may some day (e.g., decades) be worth considerably more than you paid, & your heirs will likely reap the benefits after you are dead.Recent purchases, even "limited edition", model are typically worth what you paid & will not appreciate for a long time (there are exceptions to every "rule").

Most of the 442s are magenta and often get confused for the ,000 purple color. 1974 Blue Rodger Dodger In 1985 young Bob Parker was trading Matchbox cars for Hot Wheels cars with a collector in England. There were only seven total, and all seven went to collectors around the country.

Naturally, all of Ann’s friends wanted one, too, and by the end of 1953, Lesney had trademarked the name Matchbox as the brand for its new line of -scale cars and trucks.

The first Matchbox vehicles sold poorly, in part because shopkeepers could make more money off larger toys that sold for higher prices (they were loath to fill their shelves with goods that would generate less revenue).

There are also the more notable colors of salmon or hot pink. He assumed he would get more and did not keep one for himself! This specially packaged AMX is probably the most sought after die-cast AMX replica ever produced. 1968 Custom Volkswagen without Sunroof The first Custom Volkswagens made in Hong Kong did not have a sunroof. The parts of the Flying Colors Volkswagen are not interchangeable with the earlier no-sunroof Hong Kong Custom Volkswagens either. 1970 “Mad Maverick” Base Mighty Maverick The rarity of this car is because of the word “Mad” on the base.

He continued to trade and continued to get more Flying Colors but never any more blue Rodger Dodgers. “Exclusive Racing Car Series” card, which were just like the U. “Exclusive Grand Prix Series” style cards but with the different name. Even though the blue AMX was not a hard color to come by, it’s the “Ed Shaver” decals and the blister pack that it came in that make the value. There are very few of these original cars still around today. These cars were only available in Europe, with most of them sold in Germany and the U. Besides no sunroof, these Volkswagens had other differences like no plastic side windows and a different interior. Although the cars were also produced in Hong Kong without a sunroof, the design is actually close to the original U. It was originally released as “Mad Maverick” and then re-released as “Mighty Maverick.” I only know of two blue, one purple and one unassembled, unpainted piece. 1968 White Enamel Camaro This car is reported to be the first Hot Wheels car produced and extremely rare to be found loose, let alone in a blister pack.

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