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However, sometimes she does say that she is commitment-phobic which is a bit confusing.How do I plant that seed in her head from now and prepare her for what I'm going to ask her in 6 months?After a few weeks, they've officially entered that awkward phase where uncertainty is king, and I'm sure each member of the couple is spending a great deal of time talking about the relationship with their respective friends. The beginning of a new relationship is scary because you don't really know the person you're dating, so you can't be sure what you're going to get.

She has also confessed to me that I am the guy she has been waiting for her whole life and we frequently talk about living together and when we were drunk the other night, talked about having kids together. I have been dating my beautiful girlfriend for 4 months now and we spend almost all our time together.She is my life and the girl I have been waiting for my entire life. What DID surprise me is that, after the initial chemistry rush, Janie settled into a low-intensity pseudo-relationship that didn’t leave her at all satisfied. If he doesn’t follow through fast enough or often enough, make a mental note: “Hmm… I may have casually seen my wife for the first 4 weeks of our relationship, but I would always email the next day to say I had fun. Which is why I wasn’t at all surprised when she met a man only two weeks into our coaching sessions. Application of this made-up “rule” is surprisingly simple. He calls, he texts, he emails – you just “mirror” his efforts and give him enthusiasm and warmth every time.

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