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It made several decent cameras, including the Argus C3, one of the best selling cameras of all time with a production run of nearly 30 years. Argus was acquired in 1959 by Sylvania and sold off in 1969 by which time it no longer produced cameras. Some cameras, made by other manufacturers, continued to be sold under the Argus name, however. It started under the name Nikoh and then in 1973 changed its name to Cosina. It is well known, rolex replica sale however, for selling its cameras under other brand names.

For example, in the 1970s it made several Vivitar single lens reflex cameras such as the Vivitar XC-3.

(1973-1974) (Large, With Handle) Compact, Super 8 cartridge, silent movie camera.

Argus was an American camera manufacturer that started in 1936 as a subsidiary of International Radio Corporation. Cosina is a Japanese company that started in 1959 making lenses and later cameras.

It also has made some camera models for well known companies like Canon, Nikon, Yashica, Olympus, and Konica.

An unknown number of motorized M2's exist, modified by Leitz NY, without the M2-M engraving.

Not to be unpatriotic, but there's perhaps a reason why the early Retinas were great: they were designed and built in Germany (Stuttgart) by the Nagel Camerawerks.

Kodak bought the Nagel company in 1931 and while the German government seized it during the War, Kodak regained control in 1945 and produced cameras until 1969. Kodak went on to produce a series of non-folding rangefinders (Retina IIIs and kin [1959-1969]), low cost Retinettes, and SLRs under the Retina Reflex name (1956-69), but none of them quite reach the brilliance of the original Nagel Retina series. They fold down to smaller than any SLR and while they are a bit heavy because of the all-metal body, they can take a real beating.

It helps me keep adding to this site when you get yours through these links, thanks! April 2012 LEICA Reviews LEICA Lenses When Leitz decided to start making camera lenses, they did the right thing and used six digits for the serial number, and started at number 100,000.

As serial numbers should be, they gave each lens its own serial number, and counted up.

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