Dating a girl 20 years younger

As we get older, women still find us desirable and want to date us.

This is great news for men and it’s always great to know that when we get older, we still have many options with women (assuming you don’t let yourself go and become overweight and excessively out of shape).

Yeah I may have but come on mate , your in love with a "GIRL" 20 years younger ?????

But we don't know what her mom would think because her mom is 2 years older than meme. The girl that Im friends with has a kid and she is 3 now.

Most men can only dream of dating a younger woman, even though it’s been found that the older we get as men, we still want to date younger women (a large part of society still refuses to believe that this is normal).

well yes ..she is nice looking and you think .the hell is she interested in me you cant be sure she just loves the sex ..the good time...)) .may even have an eye on your wallet... I know a guy in his mid 70s who's married a Brazilian mail-order bride in her early 30ies. Usually, for most people it remains short-lived, however, we all know couples who transformed their April-September romances into a marriage: Angelina and Billy Bob, Demi and Ashton… But we also have Harrison and Calista (22 years gap), Michael and Catherine (25 years), Alec and Hilaria Baldwin (26 years), and Bruce Willis is now married to Emma Heming, who is 23 years his junior. If you’d like to be the man who marries a woman 25 years younger, this is what you need. Men who join in matrimonial with younger ladies usually have a burning passion for life and a personality larger than Eiffel Tower. Their confidence often comes from the place of professional excellence rather than money alone (money is the by-product of their certified brilliance).And of course there is Woody Allen and Soon Yi (35 years), oh maybe better don’t mention them, this one is a bit off the beaten path. Usually the man who can convince a woman 25 years his junior to marry him will be quite rich or, at the very least, extremely charismatic (a former senator or a leader of a motorbike gang, for example). Men who marry younger women are experts in their fields.I just want to know what to expect when I do meet her mom. If you're asking about how to handle her mother, regard her with the respect you would have for any parent. A few years ago I wanted to talk to this girl who was 20. She told me that her mom wouldn't allow it because she is 3 years older than me and she is married. I feel a lack of confidence on your part and you'll have to remedy that if you continue to pursue this relationship.

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