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Consumer credit counseling agencies act as an intermediary between you and your creditors in order to establish a set monthly payment plan that your creditors agree to accept, and that you can afford.

The method used to get your payments lower than what you may be paying today is simple enough to explain; your banks agree to lower your interest rates, and consolidate all of your payments into a single payment.

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The counseling agency will have some set criteria they use that will identify which of your accounts can be accepted into the debt management (DMP) plans they offer.

Alternatively, opening a new credit card would also increase your total available credit.It looks like you're in a region Citizens Bank doesn't service, but we may be able to help you as Citizens One.Please visit Citizens One online to see products and services available in your area.Sometimes your credit score shocks you by dropping for seemingly no reason.This can be discouraging and frustrating if you can't pinpoint a cause.

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People traditionally use personal loans, low-interest balance transfer credit cards, and debt management plans for debt consolidation.

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